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Farmers Journal Cyclone Test

Scrub is no match for western-built Cyclone Manufactured in Co Mayo, the heartbeat of machinery engineering in the west, we recently got our hands on a Major Cyclone rotary mower. With the prolonged spell of dry weather, farmers all over the country have been very...

May 14, 2020
Wide Area Mowing with 50HP

When mounted on a compact tractor, the 4m Major Swift trailed roller mower delivers performance, efficiency and reliability for the dedicated team of groundskeepers at Blundell’s School in Devon.   If you were to look back through the annals of history, at the time of...

May 12, 2020
Improving Farm Biodiversity

Field margins are increasingly seen as conservation areas for biodiversity improvement in arable farming. This priority habitat has plants sown deliberately to provide food and cover for pollinators, birds and other farmland wildlife to thrive or permanent grassland and meadow.  Varying in width from 2-12m,...

May 8, 2020
The Grass & Slurry Machinery Specialists | Agricultural - Professional Groundscare - Industrial
Grass Toppers
MAJOR Disc Mowers Download(1.8 MB)
MAJOR Flex Wing MJ38 2019 Model Download(2.5 MB)
MAJOR Flex Wing Grass Toppers (pre HR16909) Download(2.5 MB)
MAJOR Flex Wing Grass Toppers (HR16909+) Download(2.0 MB)
MAJOR Grass Slashers Download(1.7 MB)
MAJOR Cyclone Mower Download(6.2 MB)
MAJOR Cyclone Mower (USA only) Download(4.0 MB)
MAJOR Centre Mounted and Side Mounted Grass Topper Download(4.1 MB)
MAJOR Trailed Grass Toppers Download(3.6 MB)
MAJOR Eagle Wing Grass Topper Download(4.0 MB)

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