Flail Mowers, Flail Collector and Finishing Mower

Flail Mowers, Flail Collectors and Finishing Mower
MAJOR Flail Mower for Kubota F Series and John Deere 1400/1500 Series front mowers Download(5.1MB)
MAJOR MJ22, MJ24 and MJ26 Flail Mowers Download(2.9 MB)
MAJOR MJ2000 Flail Collector Download(2.2 MB)
MAJOR 1.5m Flail Collector Download(6 MB)
MJ-1400, MJ-1600 and MJ27 Flail Collectors Download(3.5 MB)
MT10 Flail Collector and MT22, MT24 and MT26 Flail Mowers Download(3.5 MB)
MAJOR Finishing Mowers MR150, MR180 and MR235 Download(4.0 MB)
Major Finishing Mowers MR-150, MR-180 and MRP1-235 Download(5.0MB)

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