TS-XTreme Trailing Shoe

The Major TS-XTreme Slurry Applicator is a lightweight, low-emissions system is designed for rough ground conditions, while maximising nutrient utilisation. These units combine the flexibility of the dribble bar system with the precision application of the trailing shoe.  It is suitable for farmers where tanker size and weight are a consideration.

Flexible hoses are fitted to a sturdy pipe outlet and are spaced 25 cm apart.  Slurry is dispersed in uniform lines, even on sloping ground.  A galvanised divider splits the grass and the slurry is placed in a neat line at the root of the grass through the rubber boots.

The divider plate is different to the steel bar on a trailing shoe, in that it does not force the boot into to the ground. This means simpler hydraulics, less over all weight and can be left on the ground when turning at headlands unlike trailing shoes.

The Major TS-XTreme Slurry Applicator  is lighter than the Major Trailing Shoe yet still delivers neat uniform lines of slurry on the ground, like one would expect from a Trailing Shoe unit.

Each unit is divided into three sections. The middle section behind the tanker is lifted by a lateral pipe connected to each wing. When the wings are folded into transport position, the mid-section also lifts. This protects the unit when reversing and for safe road transport.

The TS-Xtreme is available in 7.5m, 10m and 12m working widths with the popular 7.5m model weighing less than 500kg.  The units can be retro-fitted, factory-fitted or available as a kit to update an existing Major Dribble Bar.


  • Outlets spaced 25cm apart
  • Choice of Vogelsang or Mastek macerator
  • Can be used with splash plate in place
  • Parking stand and lighting board supplied as standard
  • Available as retro-fit, factory-fitted or convertible kit
  • Eligible for TAMS 3 support



Model TS-0184-7.5 TS-0184-10 TS-0184-12
Working Width 7.5m (24’ 7”) 10.1m (33’ 2”) 12.2m (40’)
Transport Width 2.4m (8’) 2.2m (7’2”) 2.2m (7’2”)
Transport Height 2.8m (9’ 2”) 2.4m (7’11”) 2.4m (7’11”)
Wing Pivot 100° 100° 100°
No. of Outlets 30 40 48
Weight 470 kg 870 kg 990 kg
Macerator Vogelsang or Mastek Vogelsang or Mastek Vogelsang or Mastek
Number of hydraulic spools required 2 double acting hydraulic spools 2 double acting hydraulic spools 2 double acting hydraulic spools
Single or Double Fold Single Double Double
Rear fill Yes Yes Yes
Folding Single Double Double


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