Trailed Grass Topper

The MAJOR Trailed Topper is a fully offset gear driven machine.  It is offset while working and folded hydraulically into the transport position from the tractor seat.

As the machine is fully offset, there is no trampling of the pasture prior to cutting.

The MAJOR Trailed Topper is fully gearbox driven.  The rotors are timed with each other and the blades overlap to ensure all material is cut and spread evenly behind the machine.

The cutting height is adjusted hydraulically. The drawbar features a soft ride shock absorber that allows maximum lock when turning and assists with faster coupling up to the machine. There is a limit stop on the ram which controls the rear axle.

Eligible for funding under the Organic Capital Investment Scheme


  • Wide angle PTO shaft with shear bolt protection
  • Counter rotating heavy duty blades
  • Fully galvanised body
  • Heavy duty tyres
  • Fully guarded to prevent flying debris
  • Rubber couplings between gearboxes absorb shocks and to protect the driveline


Model MJ45-240 MJ45-270 MJ45-360
Overall Width 3.73m (12′ 1″) 4.14m (13′ 5″) 4.62m (15′)
Working Width 2.4m (8′) 2.7m (9′) 3.6m (12′)
Transport Width 2.6m (8′ 6″) 2.9m (9′ 6″) 2.6m (8′ 5″)
No. of Blades 8 8 12
No. of Rotors 2 2 3
Power (HP) 40 – 80 40 – 90 45 – 100
PTO rpm 540 540 540
Blade Speed 70m/sec 78m/s 70m/s
Cutting Height 20 – 160 mm 20 – 160 mm 20 – 160 mm
Weight 940 kg 970 kg 1395 kg
Mowing Rates (@ 7mph) 5.5 acres/hr 6.2 acres/hr 8.3 acres/hr


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