Flail Collectors

There are two categories of MAJOR Flail Collector available and suitable for a variety of applications.

MAJOR MJ27-155 Flail Collector

The MJ27-155 flail collector is designed specifically for use with small compact tractors and is perfect for cutting and collecting all types of grass, from lawns to conservation areas. It can be used during autumn to pick up leaves, litter and even hedge clippings.

The robust yet light weight construction allows for safe use on compact tractors. The design allows for use in situations where overall height is an important consideration and is ideal for use in orchards where overhanging branches are an issue.


  • Rear roller and heavy duty flail blades
  • Castor wheels
  • Optional scarifying kit available

MAJOR Green Bee Flail Collector

The MJ27-160 and MJ27-180 Green Bee medium duty flail collectors allow mowing, scarifying, collecting, chopping and rolling all in one pass.  This machine is suitable for use in many environments including sports and golf grounds, pastures, airports, airfields, paddocks, camp sites, and public and private parks. The grass can be collected and disposed of using the large capacity collector. The discharging height is 2.2m.

  • Two working widths: 1.6m and 1.8m
  • Heavy duty flail blades supplied as standard
  • Optional scarifying kit available to aerate the ground in a single pass


Model MJ27-155 MJ27-160 GB MJ27-180 GB
Working Width 1.5m (5′) 1.6m (5’2″) 1.8m (5’10”)
Overall Width 1.7m (5’6″) 1.9m (6’2″) 2.1m (6’10”)
Collector Capacity 0.82m³ 2m³ 2.3m³
No of Flails 48 36 40
Power (HP) from 25HP from 45HP from 50HP
PTO rpm 540 540 540
Belts 3 4 4
Weight 315kg 750kg 785kg


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