Flannery Completes Fleet Deal with Major Equipment

UK’s leading plant hire business Flannery Plant Hire acquires ten 2400LGP dust suppression tankers from Major Equipment.


Headquartered in London, Flannery has a fleet in excess 3,500-units, 35-delivery vehicles and 262 employees across locations in Newport Gwent, Birmingham, Manchester, Northumberland, Aberdeen and Dublin, Ireland. Flannery’s distinctively branded equipment can be seen working on major infrastructure projects, housing, construction, demolition and quarrying sites all over the United Kingdom. The HS2 is the latest high-profile project the hirer is supporting.


The family-owned business has placed safety, innovation and ethics at the forefront of its 50-year history. The company is building the country’s biggest range of all-electric plant machinery. Investment in the Birmingham plant operator training hub will help Flannery to bridge the skills gap by recruiting, training and retaining new plant operators. Increased emphasis on Digital Construction supports and Women in Construction initiatives are distinguishing itself in the industry.

Ethical procurement underscores Flannery’s commitment to sustainability

“When choosing supply partners there are three key questions we ask,” explains Flannery Strategic Manager Chris Matthew. “Firstly, is it the safest option available or will these products help to keep people safe? Secondly, does it support our drive to deliver the most sustainable options? Finally, is it going to be reliable and offer value to our clients? Clearly the selection and purchase of these dust suppression products from Major-Equipment fit these criteria.”


Major Equipment previously supplied Flannery with other customised industrial tankers so a trusted relationship already existed. David Simms at Flannery explains the purchasing criteria and selection process for the ten dust suppression units. “The plan is to partner with our key suppliers so that product training, parts and servicing is consistent and more efficient. This means the machines are fully utilised and down time is significantly reduced,” begins David.


“We undertook a full review of options from a number of providers, and it became clear very quickly that Major Equipment understood our needs. Not only do they understand the agricultural market but critically the construction market. The design features on the machines reflect this understanding with no modifications required to convert the machine from agriculture to infrastructure.”

Strong build and design of MAJOR tankers

MAJOR tankers have a reputation for strength and reliability. All tankers are made of 6mm thick steel and supported by a separate chassis. This means 80% of the weight runs on the tanker’s axles with the remainder carried on the tractor drawbar. This improves the integrity of the entire tanker to bear the stress of pulling heavy loads and at longer distances.


“The key demand for Flannery is to have a robust and reliable machine that has been manufactured to stand the rigours of the plant hire market, hire after hire,” continues David. “MAJOR tankers are well designed and built without over complicating the purpose; it’s a machine that understands what hirers want.” A bonus: MAJOR tankers hold its value well.


The ten dust suppression units are built on the 2400-gallon Contractor Spec tanker class. Recessed wheels between 28” and 30” increases stability on variable ground and fitted with heavy duty commercial axles. The barrels have internal baffle plates to prevent wave motions. Hydraulic brakes, safety breakaway cable, and rubber buffers on the drawbar are standard features for safe and smooth road travel.


“2400LGP is a Flannery Standard”

MAJOR tankers can be customised from an extensive list of industry-leading components and accessories depending on agricultural or industrial applications. For the sustainably minded Flannery, features that help customers be greener, safer and work smarter are prioritised. Each 2400LGP comes with a dust suppression atomiser which conserves water while improving reach and control.


“The 2400LGP is a Flannery standard, not your typical industry standard option,” explains David. “This machine can carry 200 gallons more than other machines on the market, but we use less fuel transporting and operating. More critically, we are consuming less water. Thanks to the atomiser using lower volumes of water to suppress the same amount of ground, the days of dousing and wasting are thankfully gone.”


MAJOR backing all the way

MAJOR offers valuable after sales and service for all customers and Flannery is no exception. “The service thus far has been first class; parts are shipped overnight for next day delivery ensuring servicing or any unplanned maintenance can be attended to quickly and efficiently,” concludes David.


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