Reliable and no fuss machinery drives plant hire success

Simon Williams started SW Machinery Hire in 2003 with just one muck spreader. Today, the machinery hire business has an arsenal of more than 250 machines catering for agriculture, construction and industry from two locations in Wiltshire and East Sussex. Hire contracts range from one day to one-year or more, offering a variety of options and choices for more than 600 customers across England. The company has established a strong reputation for offering reliable machinery, on time, at competitive prices for customers including small farmers, larger holdings, local and major construction companies, industrial corporations, and government projects.


“When we first started we set out to offer highly reliable machinery that was simple to operate and maintain – something we could efficiently back-up if ever there was a component failure,” commented Simon. “We set out to offer cost-effective machinery on a short turnaround. We are fulfilling those goals today and our business is growing because of those basic but essential principles.”

Specialist slurry and water tankers in demand

SW-Hire’s specialist service sector includes a fleet of 15 slurry and water tankers, which can be used in agricultural, construction and industrial applications. Some tankers might be spreading liquid slurry on fields, another set might be used as dust suppressors on construction sites. Some are uses to apply liquids in industrial applications or used in recycling centres. With a fleet of multi-application tankers, SW Hire can cater for a wider range of customer contracts using the same or similar equipment.


“One of our areas of specialist customer support is in waste liquid management,” continues Simon. “We run fifteen Major Equipment slurry and liquid waste tankers. We chose the Major brand because over the years, they have proven to be reliable, simple to use, cost effective and a great, long-term investment. Our customers love them because they are simple to use and don’t have complicated controls. They are excellent value for money.


The build quality of the Major Tanker is far better than anything else out there, you only have to look at the construction to see that these are very durable machines. If a machine is durable and easy to use and is available at a reasonable price, then our customers are going to be happy. A happy customer will come back to us time and time again.”


Contractor model designed for heavy loads at longer distances

The Major tankers at SW Hire are based on Contractor class of tankers. These tankers come in 2050-3100 gallon sizes and have recessed wheels for greater stability. Designed for contractor work, these tankers are extra durable due to its unique design – the barrel is supported by a separate chassis and mounted on heavy-duty commercial axles. This means 80% of the weight runs on the axles with the remainder carried on the tractor drawbar. This improves the integrity of the entire tanker so it can bear the stress of pulling heavy loads and at longer distances. Baffle plates welded inside the tanker minimises liquid wave motions to ensure smooth and safe transport.


The 2600LGP models, which were supplied by Halse Southwest, are standardised for use in agricultural work and can be used with low emissions slurry spreaders. The 2200IND model is site specific with hydraulic pump and rain gun for dust suppression work. Supplied through Farol Ltd, the tanker can be mounted onto a 130-150hp tractor.


Multiple options and accessories to cater for any application in any sector

“We have various options for loading arms, dribble bars and splash plates with the Major Tanker so we can very much cater for almost any application in any industry,” adds Simon. “I’ve dealt with Major for many years and they always provide a reliable service. When we carry out major service intervals on our equipment, the parts supply from Major is first-class and we are never kept waiting for parts delivery. They are a very responsive company. They are easy to get hold of, always come back to us if we need them and I really can’t fault the reliability of their products.”


“Our experience with Major and their products means we will keep going back to them for additional machinery. The quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness of what they offer is really first-class,” enthuses Simon. “We are growing and cultivating our reputation amongst our customer base with quality, cost-effectiveness and reliability of what we have to offer as well. It’s no brainer really.”

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