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New Swift Roller Mower Boosts Ambitions for Community Rugby Club

Creggs RFC purchased a 2.4m Major Swift to improve pitch maintenance and control costs, while advancing its ambitious development plans for community sport.  In the Connaught heartland where Gaelic sports dominate the scene, a thriving community rugby club is punching above its weight. Creggs Rugby...

September 29, 2022
Wildwood Machinery joins MAJOR Family

We’re delighted to welcome Wildwood Machinery as the newest member of our dealer family. They will represent the MAJOR brand of Professional Groundscare machinery across Dorset and South West Hampshire. This includes the Contoura golf and sports mower, the MAJOR Swift line of roller mowers,...

September 29, 2022
Making and Leaving Positive Impressions

Major Swift Roller Mower leaves first-class impressions and better turf conditions for customers and celebrities at Foxes Farm Produce in Essex.   Foxes Farm Produce is one of the UK’s largest wholesale pumpkin producers, supplying pumpkins to wholesale outlets, retailers and other pumpkin patches across...

September 27, 2022
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Hedge Cutter

The MJ39 Hedge Cutter head produces a clean presentation on hedgerows, shrubs and verges at fast forward speeds thanks to the impressive ‘blender-style’ mulching capabilities of the rotary head. The gearbox driveline powers twin rotors and eight overlapping blades to deliver a tidy finish when thinning material or clearing dense brush, all in one pass.

The hydraulic motor is fitted with an overrun clutch, protecting the hydraulic system when the motor stops. The 1.43m heavy duty deck really shines turning overgrown hedges and scrubby areas into manageable structures for landscape control.

The MAJOR Hedge Cutter outperforms flail head systems in both productivity and maintenance. With less wearing parts, the MJ39 is a durable and reliable attachment for contractors, councils and operators demanding minimal downtime and total cost of ownership.

The full-length roller controls the cutting height between 40mm – 100mm for verge work and can be moved up and away for hedge cutting. An adjustable front hood, hydraulically or manually enabled, controls the amount of material entering the cutting chamber. Deep deck sides ensure mulch is retained in the hedgerow.

The main components are made of Strenx® 700MC structural steel which reduces the weight of the unit without compromising on strength. Hardox® skids ensure abrasion resistance while moving easily through uneven terrain.

Designed for performance and built for resilience, the MAJOR Hedge Cutter is the preferred replacement head for the most intense jobs. The MJ39 MAJOR Hedge Cutter fits booms on 360 excavators in the 10-14 tonne range, which suits most standard full-featured excavators available on the market.

Only available in Ireland.


  • Gearbox driveline power twin rotors and 8 blades for cutting and shredding excellence
  • Hydraulic motor fitted with overrun clutch, requiring 80-110 L/min hydraulic flow and max 170 bar of pressure
  • Less wearing parts than flailhead systems, low maintenance
  • Strenx® high-performance steel components
  • Hardox® wear and abrasion resistant skids
  • Full length rear roller to limit scalping for verge work, can be moved out of the way for hedge cutting
  • 40 – 100mm cutting height,
  • Adjustable front hood (hydraulic or manual) to control amount of material being cut



Model MJ39-143 MJ39-143D
Overall Width 1.60m (5’2″) 1.60m (5’2″)
Working  Width 1.43m (4′ 8″) 1.43m (4′ 8″)
Power (HP) 36 36
Hydraulic requirement Min. 80 litres/min Min. 80 litres/min
Cutting Height 40-100mm 40-100mm
Number of Rotors 2 2
Number of Blades 4 / 8 4 / 8
Weight 376kg 415kg
Blade tip speed 82 m/s 82 m/s



“The Major Hedge cutter head is kinder to the hedge as it cuts the vegetation, rather than hammering it into shape. We get a better finish in less passes, saving time and fuel. There is a higher output than a tradition ...
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Mervyn Auchmuty, Farming For Nature Ambassador

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