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Major Cyclone is Fit for the King of Vegetables

The Major Cyclone turns woody asparagus into fine mulch, thereby improving crop performance for Koteles Farms in Ontario, Canada.   Asparagus farming is a year-round management process for Koteles Farms Inc. The fourth-generation farming family harvests fresh asparagus spears from late April to the end...

January 18, 2022
Cover Crops and Major Cyclone Central to Georgia Farmer’s Diverse Cropping System

Lyons, Georgia farmer and Chairperson of the Vidalia Onion Committee Aries Haygood is all smiles when he harvests 750 acres of the Vidalia onions from his sandy soils in east central Georgia. Onions are Haygood’s winter cash crop. “We plant our onion seed beds in...

December 29, 2021
Major Cyclone is the Apple of Medel Orchards’ Eye

Investment in new 2.8m Major Cyclone at E&B Medel Orchards improves quality and productivity, ensuring the third-generation fruit farm in Ontario retains its reputation for the next generation.   “Quality of product is dominant in everything we do. This is a complete way of life...

December 13, 2021
The Grass & Slurry Machinery Specialists | Agricultural - Professional Groundscare - Industrial

The long and short of Synergy mowing

Everyone in the business has something to say about flail mowers versus rotary mowers. Each type has its own advantages and a good dealer will set you up with a mower suited to your machine, application, and requirements.

The Major Synergy mowing deck offers a superior alternative to the standard factory-fitted outfront mowing attachments found on John Deere, Kubota, Shibaura, and Iseki tractors. Its one-of-a-kind blade system delivers a professional striped finish – even on long grass – at incredibly fast forward speeds. Designed for efficiency, strength and versatility, the Major Synergy is ideal for sports pitches, parklands, municipalities/councils and residential/lifestyle complexes.

We could go on about how the Synergy’s unique driveline keeps fuel costs low and how all Major machinery are simple to maintain, but we’ll let our happy customers speak for themselves.


From residential to cricket fields on the same machine

We have to cut and strim 2 million square metres of grass, so it’s important that the tools we use are efficient, reliable and deliver results.  The Major Synergy out front mower is very versatile because we can use it around the housing estates and then mow the cricket fields with the same machine.  The roller on the rear gives a nice striped effect and we have had very positive feedback from residents about that.

Karl Garnham, West Patch Team Leader, Crawley Borough Council, UK


Weed and grass control for solar energy farm in CornwallSynergy on Kubota at solar farm in Cornwall

We’re specialist solar energy site maintenance contractors based in Cornwall.  Because of the construction design of most solar energy farms, you can’t just get away with ordinary equipment to control grass and weeds under the panels. Our Synergy mower definitely proved itself to have been the right machine. We use it with our Kubota F Series and it has a two metre cut and can handle the very heavy overgrown areas as well as leaving a very tidy, striped finish. The best feature of all is the fact that it is PTO and shaft driven to three twin bladed rotors and so we don’t have the inherent problems of belts slipping when the going gets tough. These blades help mulch the clippings and distribute them evenly across the width of the mower.


John Moss, Howton Contractors


Saving time, money and power for commercial contractors

We provide interior and exterior landscaping services to schools, airports and commercial clients throughout the UK.  We bought the 2m Synergy mowers to replace the decks on our John Deere 1545 power units.  The quality of cut is excellent.  The Synergy mower cuts the material so finely, that we no longer have to collect the cut grass, saving time and allowing us to get through our mowing schedule more efficiently.

Sandy Baxter, Project Manager, GP Plantscape Ltd 


Keeping Drayton Manor Theme Park tidy for families

Grassland maintenance happens every day here from March until the end of October.  We have to prepare different sites for varying purposes. For example, the car-park areas need to have a longer finish – about two inches, whereas the gardens and hotel amenities will require a much shorter finish.  We used to use cylinder mowers for much of the work, but these have become very expensive to maintain both in terms of replacement costs, blade sharpening and reliability down-time.  Three years ago, we invested in a Major Synergy deck that fit to our John Deere outfront power unit and we love it! The Synergy is easy to set-up for different cutting heights.  It doesn’t need anywhere near the maintenance of the cylinder mower and yet leaves the perfect, striped finish, no matter what we are cutting.

Nigel Stubbs, Head Groundsman, Drayton Manor Theme Park, UK


A pristine finish for luxury hotel in the Cheshire countryside

We have a contract to maintain the grounds at Rookery Hall Hotel & Spa in Nantwich.  Having seen a Synergy on demonstration at our local dealer GGM Groundscare at Colne, I knew immediately it was the mower for us.  It gave a lovely finish cut at pretty fast forward speeds.  The mower performed brilliantly and has exceeded our expectations.  It gives a cylinder mower striped finish and has transformed these grassy areas.

Ian Whibberley, North UK Regional Manager, Flora-tec

Synergy outfront mower on Kubota at Rookery Hall hotel & SpaStriped finish from Synergy at Rookery Hall Hotel&Spa