MJ71-730T | Gartendesign Westerkamp

New 7.3m Trailed Major Swift stretches capacity and capabilities for Gartendesign Westerkamp.

Mr. Stefan Westerkamp is very knowlegeable about turf and lawn care. He as more than 33 years of experience running and managing Gartendesign Westerkamp in Barßel, Germany. He has the highest praise for the quality and performance of Major Equipment ground care products.

To meet increasing demand from municipalities, sports clubs and commercial contracts around Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony, he replaced a self-propelled cylinder mower with the Major Swift Roller Mower and a new tractor. Moving over to tractor-mounted rotary mowers meant Mr. Westerkamp could increase his work output while achieving economic efficiencies. There was also greater flexibility with the machinery.

The 4.1m Major Swift winged roller mower is rear-mounted by three-point linkage and is used for large green spaces such as parks and sports fields. The 2.4m is front-mounted and is ideal for confined areas. This combination means 60 hectares of green spaces can clipped effortlessly each week and a perfect striped finish is guaranteed.

“We get excellent stripes and an even distribution of cut material,” said Mr. Westerkamp. “Rollers across the entire working width follow ground contours so the turf is virtually ironed smooth. I call it a ‘lawn massager’!”

Potential customers are also impressed with the results. “When I offer a mowing trial, customers are impressed. Sports clubs especially appreciate the excellent mowing quality. I can say that I gained 30% more business since I started using the MAJOR mowers.”

More business means upgrades. “We were at full capacity with the two Major Swift roller mowers so then I upgraded my 4.1m machine for a 5.50m machine. The additional 1 meter meant I increased our capacity by one-third per shift.”

Mr. Westerkamp added a 7.3m Major Swift in trailed configuration to his fleet last year to cope with more sports clubs and commercial mowing contracts. The trailed configuration also has kerb lift capabilities. This mower can be lifted up while traveling to avoid kerbs or other obstacles without having to stop the tractor. For a busy grounds maintenance operation, these cost savings add up in the long run. Higher mowing output and machine durability ensures his business continues to grow.

Mr. Westerkamp absolutely affirms the durability of MAJOR products. “I cut about 2,000 hectares in one season using just one set of blades. Compared with other mowers, the wear and tear is minimal and maintenance costs are correspondingly low.”

Easy operability is also a major benefit. “MAJOR roller mowers are quiet, uncomplicated, and user-friendly. They are easy for my team to operate. It’s rare to find a product that is so well thought out and so complete,” added Mr. Westerkamp. “The team at Major Equipment in Ireland are real turf professionals. Thanks also to the expert advice from Mr. Timo Drees, we feel are are in good hands with Krengel Landtechnick GmbH & Co.”

Coincidentally, his team noticed another benefit: “Moles are no longer a nuisance where we mow! We found the buzz of the cutting rotors drives away the moles.”

For further information, you can reach Mr. Timo Drees from KRENGEL Landtechnik GmbH & Co. KG on his mobile phone at 0170 / 188 5241 (alternatively in the office: 02933 / 9792-0) or visit us online at www.sichelmulcher.de