MJ71-240 Swift | Hetherick Caravan Park

The Major Swift Rollermower makes park maintenance more efficient and cost-effective for Hetherick Caravan Park near Barnard Castle in County Durham.

Not far from the North Pennines, an AONB designated region, near Barnard Castle lays Hetherick Caravan Park, surrounded by tranquil woods and sited close to the River Forthburn. The caravan park was founded in 1991 by the late Ernest Holmes and is now run by his son and daughter-in-law, Chris and Julie Holmes. It’s a 20 acre site with six acres of woodland and surrounded by public footpaths and country walks.

Previously, site management in the form of grass mowing and site maintenance was carried out by contractors but Chris Holmes decided it was much more cost-effective and, indeed more timely to carry out the maintenance procedures himself. “In this kind of industry we have a greater customer interface. We felt we could better serve our customers and visitors by looking after the grass and amenities ourselves and keeping in-touch at all times – helping our tourists when they needed it.”

Chris and Julie needed to make park maintenance more efficient and cost-effective, so they acquired a 33hp ISEKI TLE3400 Compact Tractor and a Major Swift Rollermower in 2.4m working width from local dealer Rickerby’s.

Low HP requirement and copes with variety of ground conditions

The Major Swift Mower has proven to be the perfect choice. “We can cut the entire park in just one day, so saving us an enormous amount of time,” added Chris. “Fitted to a small, low horsepower compact tractor, the Swift roller mower handles all the different kinds of terrain and ground conditions we have here and it leaves a perfect stripe afterwards, which enhances the quality image of the park. Another thing I like about the Swift mower is that it cuts the grass into very small clippings and they quickly disappear into the turf, and that has improved the fertility of the site, significantly.”

Galvanised body best protection against rust

The fact that the Swift Roller mower is galvanised and made from extra-strong steel gives me a lot of confidence that we have made a very good, long term investment that is not going to rust away after a couple of years of use.

No belts and easy to maintain

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on maintenance and the Swift scores here also because it has a gearbox drive with no belts and, in my experience, belts always need adjusting or, tend to fail at the time when you are at your busiest. All the Swift needs is a weekly check-over of the blades, a few short pumps of the grease gun and we are ready to go. We tend to set the height of cut to about 10mm – it’s very easy to adjust height of cut – the height indicator is very accurate and there are just four points to change and that’s it.

Professional presentation for tourists

Since we started using the Swift last year, we have seen a significant improvement in the quality of cut, the grounds are more even and level than before and overall, our caravan park is looking even more professional – something our tourists and visitors appreciate.

I’m really happy with our purchase and I would definitely recommend the Major Swift Roller Mower to operators of parks, amenities, local authorities, schools, sports grounds – in fact anyone who is looking for a high quality finish with a low-horsepower requirement and, a machine that is going to last a lot longer and is easier to maintain than ordinary mowers. It was also less expensive than other mowers of a similar size so it’s been great decision all round.