MJ65-300 CS Pro | RA Country Services

CS Pro in 3m working width elevates reputation of specialist landscape company RA Country Services who serves prestigious estates and sports facilities throughout South East England.

RA Country Services has been servicing high-end client properties in some of the most prestigious estates and sports facilities for over twenty years. Because of the business’ excellent reputation in providing a ‘very-high-class’ finish to its work contracts, they are often approached by somewhat ‘elite’ clients looking for the ultimate in grounds-care service.

“Much of our work is based in and around an area spreading from our offices in Cuckfield, West Sussex to Reading, Croydon and Windsor, where we are often called-in to design, build and maintain landscapes to meet client needs,” commented owner Richard Amer.  “This is where clients are looking for something a little special to enhance their large and often unique country properties.”

Maintaining elite turf for estates and sports pitches

“We also have an extensive customer base which requires preparing and maintaining many of the quality sports pitches for football, rugby and cricket in the area,” continues Richard. “Grassland management is a major part of our business and we also carry out a lot of equine paddock management, where the facilities need to be maintained and cleaned.”

“We pride ourselves in always going the extra mile to achieve total customer satisfaction. We want our customers to walk out through their grounds and sports pitches and always be proud of what we have done for them,” Richard emphasises.

Professional mower takes turf management to next level

Two years ago Richard began looking to enhance his machinery. His finishing mower wasn’t able to leave the required finish on his contract. Plus, it was only six-feet wide and he needed to increase the cutting width and his daily output  to meet increasing customer requirements.

Stuart Stacey, grounds care specialist at Farols,  is Richard’s local dealer. He has known Richard for most of his professional life and offered to help. “Stuart suggested I try the Major MJ65-300,” commented Richard. “I’ve known Stuart for many years and thoroughly trust his advice and judgement.”

The Major CS Pro is a fully mounted rotary mower designed especially for compact tractors tackling dense vegetation and long grass yet capable for fine turf conditions. The MJ65-300 comes in 3 metre working width which can fold up to 2.0m transport width, which means it can be easily transported by trailer.

“We are running a John Deere 3046R compact tractor, which is almost fifty-horsepower and comfortably drives the Major,” said Richard. “The mower has folding wings which enables ease of road transport between customer sites, but also has a three-metre cutting width, so much bigger than our previous mower and much better on daily performance. This is the perfect combination for us and works well on the many large and small estates of our clients.”

The ability to cope with rough grassland and fine turf conditions is due to the unique blade system. The gearbox driveline powers four rotors and 16 blades under three pivoting decks.  Durable 7mm boron steel blades which overlap ensure no material is left uncut across the working width.

“I have to admit the finish left behind the Major is a league or more above the previous machine and is better than I have seen from any other mower,” enthused Richard. “It has front and rear rollers, which help firm the grass surface, minimises scalping and, the rotary blades are excellent at mulching the residue and avoids leaving a swath behind or lumps of clippings.”

Easy adjustable cutting height means one mower can serve sports turf and equine requirements. “All we need to do there is to set the height of cut a little higher on the Major and it handles the paddocks a dream, leaving a really nice finish.”

CS Pro cements reputation for delivery high quality work any time of the year

“Last year was a difficult year for sports grounds using cylinder mowers because the grass was growing so fast that cylinder mowers just couldn’t keep up,” Richard explained. “We were invited in to help manage these additional sports facilities because with the three metre Major at five miles an hour or more the CS Pro was quick, efficient and, left a perfectly striped finish. We had so much performance from the Major that we could mow a complete football pitch in twenty-five minutes, leaving it in a perfectly, striped condition. I saw smiles on a lot of our customers faces after we’d finished. They were very happy!”


“It’s a fully-mounted rotary mower designed especially for compact tractors and for leaving an excellent finish. It’s easy to adjust height of cut as well as the level of mulching of the residue.”


The mower is built using Strenx™ 700 high-strength steel which is 220% stronger, yet much lighter than steel used in ordinary mowers. Combined with fully galvanised finish, the Major CS Pro has the durability and integrity to outlast many competitive makes.

Beltless design and simple operating system contribute to low-maintenance qualities. “They are easy to service and maintain,” added Richard. “With the galvanised finish, we can see this mower lasting us for many years to come.  I would definitely recommend this to all the professional turf contractors and landscapers out there. They just need to try it out for themselves and they will see what a difference this mower can make in providing a beautiful finish with a high-output performance to all kinds of turf applications and especially fine-turf.”

“Landscape management can be a tough gig,” continues Richard. “Our customers are always looking for the ultimate finish because they are proud of their homes and properties – and rightly so. With the right equipment behind us, that’s a challenge and a result that we enjoy, every time we take on a project using the Major CS Pro, which is definitely built to last, makes our job both much easier, totally cost-effective and even more satisfying for our customers.”