Swift Performance at Kiltimagh Knock United

Kiltimagh Knock Utd FC upgraded to the 1.9m Major Swift rollermower to keep two full sized pitches and grounds in premium condition year-round.


Kiltimagh Knock United Football Club officially formed in 2002 but it already had a history of playing prowess at all levels of competition. The club has sent plenty of players to football trials in Southampton and Newcastle, and underage stars Luke Byrne and John Mountney would consider Kiltimagh Knock as their home club.


The club facilities, located just two miles up the road from Knock Shrine, was opened in 2005 and Groundsman Martin Mannion has been maintaining the grounds since. “I started in 2006 so I know all the grounds around here,” begins Martin. “The weather is the main obstacle – we cut the pitch twice a week, sometimes three times a week if the rota is fairly active. Getting out to cut on a fine day that’s the main obstacle but we do get it done.”


Getting through the mowing schedule becomes easier with the new Swift rollermower in 1.9 working width. The MJ71-190 replaces a Major rollermower that was purchased back in 2001. “It was a very good mower, we never had any issues with it,” says Martin. “It worked perfectly – just sharpen the blades and grease it and that’s it really.”


The upgraded MJ71-190 delivers the same fine turf finish of a cylinder mower without the high maintenance requirements. “You have a lovely clean cut and no clumps of grass left behind,” says Martin.  Gearbox driveline powers the blades that overlap by 60mm. With blade tip speeds at an impressive 75m/s and full length roller, a striped finish is guaranteed.


The simple height adjustment from 10mm-130mm makes it easy to mow in various conditions and requirements. “We keep it on low setting in the playing area because if the grass is any longer it interferes with the game,” explains Martin. “The surrounds can be cut at a higher setting.”


Made with high performance Strenx structural steel and hot-dip galvanised, the Swift rollermower is built to last. “It’s a solid machine,” Martin concludes. “We had a Major topper here before and it lasted a good 18 years so they’re a trusted brand. If the 1.9m Swift lasts as long we’d be very happy.”

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