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Low Emission Slurry Spreaders

Simple, Cost Effective Solutions to Stay Compliant

Major Equipment’s Dribble Bar and Trailing Shoe low emissions slurry spreaders are the solution to the growing challenges of tighter regulations while maximising the benefits of slurries.

The low emission slurry applicators are designed to apply slurry to the soil surface as accurately as possible while minimising nutrient loss and ammonia emissions. Both are available in 7.5m working width and have 30 outlets spaced 260mm apart for even and precise distribution of liquid material in long and short grass.

They are easily mounted onto the back door of a vacuum tank without welding or fabricating, making them ideal for retro-fitting.  Brackets with settings in 60mm increments allow either unit to be set according to the tanker height making the system completely adaptable to any tanker make or model.  They can also be used with the existing splash plate left in place.

When arms are folded and locked into place, the Dribble Bar has a transport width of 2.2m and the Trailing Shoe has a transport width of 2.4m. For safe and legal road use, a full lighting board is fitted as standard.  There is a double self-aligning pivot hinge with easy access grease points on each wing for increased durability.

Best in class components are used in the construction of the slurry applicators. A Vogelsang ExaCut macerator is centred on both units to deliver optimal cutting results and eliminate blockages.  Made of high-strength steel and galvanised, the slurry spreaders are built to endure working in a caustic environment.


  • 30 outlets spaced 260mm apart
  • Vogelsang ExaCut macerator
  • Foreign body separator and self-sharpening, self-adjusting blades
  • Can be used with existing splash plate
  • Can be retrofitted onto any tanker make or model without welding or fabricating
  • Made of high-strength steel
  • Fully galvanised body
  • Full lighting board fitted as standard

Model MJ91-750 MJ81-750
Working Width 7.5m (24’ 7”) 7.5m (24’ 7”)
Transport Width 2.2m (7’2”) 2.4m (8’)
Wing pivot 100° 100°
Height 2.8m (9’ 2”) 2.9m (9’ 6”)
No. of outlets 30 30
Weight 450KG *including back door 690KG *including back door
Macerator Vogelsang ExaCut 30/40 Vogelsang ExaCut
Spools required 2 double acting hydraulic spools 3
Back door size 20″/30″ option 30″
Rearfill Yes Yes

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