Professional Ground Care Requires Professional Equipment


Professional sports ground contractor Nicky Grene impressed by premium build, cutting results and galvanised finish of new Contoura Series 2.

Nicky Grene set up Grene Sportsgrounds in Co Limerick after returning home from the USA thirty years ago to provide services to local GAA and Rugby clubs. Today, the company is one the leading sports grounds contractors in Ireland. They offer sustainable sports pitch development, maintenance and management for sporting clubs of all sizes including golf and racing venues.

He counts Munster Rugby, Thomond Park Stadium and Limerick GAA amongst his clients alongside some 35 schools, local sports fields, parks, amenities and commercial grounds. The bulk of grounds maintenance contracts are within 20 miles of Limerick City but they have carried out pitch development work and drainage contracts throughout Ireland.

Professionalism underscores the success of the business. “It’s not just about making promises,” begins Nicky Grene. “It’s about doing the job properly and having an understanding of what the client wants and needs. Having the right equipment is also a big part of being a professional grounds-care provider. If the machinery is sub-standard and you don’t keep it maintained, then it shows and the client will not be happy.”

Major Contoura a league above other mowers

Grene Sportsgrounds recently took delivery of the latest Contoura S2 mower from Major Equipment and have been putting it through its paces. “We’ve had Major mowers for over twenty years,” continues Nicky. “They are very well engineered, very durable, require minimal maintenance and have a number of positive benefits over and above other mowers on the market.”

The Major Contoura S2 is a trailed machine with three pivoting cutting units that follow the undulations of the ground without scalping. Front and rear rollers on each unit means a very trim finish with resultant striping, similar to a cylinder mower, but without the high maintenance costs. Cutting width of the Contoura is 3.6 metres and it has a zero-turn capability, ideal for high performance output and also when working in confined areas.

Premium build with fine cutting results

“What I really like about the Major Contoura is that it leaves very short clippings that quickly disappear into the surface,” commented Nicky. “We usually set the height of cut to around thirty millimetres (30mm) a little longer at the end of the year and most of our grounds are mown once a week – between March and October.”

The Contoura has six rotors and twelve blades under the three pivoting decks. Height cut is easily adjustable from 10mm to 110mm. The blades from each rotor overlap to ensure no material is left uncut across the deck width.

“The Contoura is built using a very strong but light steel and galvanised,” Nicky continued. “Moreover, its price is very, very competitive. With all those additional benefits, we get great value for money, a top-notch construction that is very durable and I see this machine lasting us at least five years, maybe longer.”

No belts, no hassle

The gearbox driveline of the Contoura eliminates problems that come with belt-driven machines. “We don’t have to worry about belts slipping or the need for adjusting belt tension through the season,” added Nicky. “In all the years we’ve had a Major mower we’ve never had a gearbox failure. They really are well built machines. Maintenance is simple, just a few daily greasing checks, a regular gearbox oil level check and we will probably edge the blades once every month – but that’s about it.

Galvanised body adds strength and durability

The Contoura is made of high performance Strenx Steel and galvanised for the ultimate protection against rust. “I really like how the Contoura is galvanised because that means it will resist corrosion,” continues Nicky. “Some of our other mowers are just painted and they chip easy, paint begins to flake away – especially when we power-wash them and rust sets-in. We don’t like turning up on a high quality sports ground with rusty equipment. It’s not what our customers expect.”

“Ideal machine for groundscare contractors”

“The Major Contoura is an ideal machine for grounds-care contractors who are looking for high output on undulating ground, and need minimum maintenance together with longevity of operation,” enthused Nicky.

“It’s also ideal for golf courses maintaining fairways and the rough areas – especially where there is a lot of undulating ground. I love how the Contoura leaves stripes that used to be only achievable with cylinder mowers. That’s something that is often commented on by our customers, their players and also club members. Everyone likes to see a perfectly manicured sports field, and that’s exactly what you get with the Contoura – it’s great value for money, keeps me happy and my customers happy – what more could I ask for?”

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