OSM-Verge Mower

The Major Offset Mower is designed for intensive cutting requiring agility and durability. The hydraulic headstock offers 140 degrees of movement for cutting verges, ditches, embankments, as well as shrubs, hedges and trees. The 1.56m offset mode suits mowing around fences, buildings and under trees.

The rotary blade system delivers precision cutting and dispersion of material, while offering maximum protection against breakage and driveline damage. Heavy duty gearbox with shock absorbers safeguard the machine in the event of a collision. Full length roller follows ground contours to give a perfect finish.

Available in 1.4m and 2.19m working widths, the Offset Mower is made of high-performance Strenx™ steel and galvanised for the ultimate protection against corrosion.


  • Unique blade system for extreme cutting and protection. In the event of a hitting an obstacle, the blades retract upwards out of the line of impact preventing breakages and damage to gearboxes and driveline.
  • Hydraulic arm can operate from 95° to -35°
  • Internal double roller bearing housing to support full-length roller while cutting and protect the bearings.
  • Heavy duty gearboxes with inter gearbox shock loading protection to protect the machine in the event of a collision.
  • Rubber skirting to protect against flying debris
  • Simple height adjustment from 15-100mm.
  • Available in left or right-hand configurations
  • Fuel efficient and low maintenance machine requires less wearing parts than flail mower.
  • Produced using high-performance Strenx™ 700MC steel and galvanised
  • Support wheel supplied as standard



Model MJ36-140 MJ36-210
Transport Width 1.60m (5’3″) 1.60m (5’3″)
Working  Width 1.43m (4′ 8.5″) 2.11m (6′ 11″)
Power Requirements 70-120 HP 90-150 HP
Cutting Height 15-100mm 15-100mm
Number of Rotors 2 3
Number of Blades 8 12
Sliding Offset 1.56m 1.56m
Hedge Cutting 0÷95° 0÷95°
Roadside mowing 0÷35° 0÷35°
Tractor Class II II
Weight 690kg 810kg
Flow rates 70 litre/min 88 litre/min


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