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3500TDM OJ & DJ Nelmes Dorset UK

OJ & DJ Nelmes Contractors, Dorset, UK

Specialist contractors OJ & DJ Nelmes have expanded their business around the liquid waste management demands of their AD plant and dairy industry customers.

A major AD plant installation developed by a joint venture between local landowners and the Duchy of Cornwall utilises feedstock from several thousand acres of farmland, turning it into environmentally friendly, renewable energy.


Owyn and Dean Nelmes’s contracting business provides the bulk handling resources, handling waste liquids from the AD plant to surrounding farmland. In order to provide a highly reliable and efficient service to their customers, they needed a high capacity output bulk tanker.

After meeting the MAJOR tanker design team and discussing all the options, OJ & DJ Nelmes invested in three, 3500 gallon MAJOR tankers on twin axles with a steerable rear-axle.  OJ & DJ Nelmes Contractors do a lot of roadwork, within a twenty-five mile radius of their base. These tankers are strong and tow well behind the tractors and are fully compliant with Health and Safety regulations for road work.

The Nelmes Brothers are normally moving around twenty to twenty five loads or more a day to the field sites. Each tanker takes approx. four minutes to load.  The tankers run on flotation tyres so as not to damage the soil structure in the fields, normally unloading in one corner to a bulker tanker. During the closed season, AD waste and dairy unit waste is hauled to lagoons at various sites, ready for umbilical application during the open season.


  • 15,900 litre/ 3500 gallon MAJOR tankers on twin axles with a steerable rear-axle
  • 650/55R225 BKT wheels
  • Hydraulic and air brakes
  • Integrated load-sensing control
  • 13000 litre per minute vacuum pump.
  • Ten stud lorry axles capable of 100k,
  • 80cm/30’’ hinge back door for ease of access
  • Full galvanised finish
  • LED lights and lighting strips
  • Top fill


Model 3500TDM
Capacity (Gallon) 3500
Capacity (Litres) 15,900
OA Length (Hitch to coupling ball) 8.7m
OA Width (Tyre dependant) 2.7m
OA Height (Add tractor hitch) 3.4m
Recessed Wheel Yes
Weight (Empty) 5,020 Kg
Weight (Full) 21,277 Kg
Tyre Options
550/60/22.5 BKT Yes
600/55R26.5 BKT Yes
650/55R26.5 BKT Yes
710/50R26.5 BKT Yes
Standard Finish Galvanised


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