MAJOR Swifts Deliver Greater Efficiency and Beautiful Finish for Krinkels and UTwente

Full-services landscape and facilities contractor Krinkels use the 2.4m and 4.0m Swift Rollermowers to meet fine turf specifications at the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands.


The University of Twente in the Netherlands is sprawled across 160-hectares of woodland, meadows and water. Only 23 hectares are actually buildings, leaving over 130-hectares of green spaces to be maintained by Krinkels, a full-services landscape and facilities maintenance provider all over The Netherlands.. The company counts the national Public Works and Water Management body, Dutch Railways, Ministry of Defence and various water boards, municipalities, provincial governments, companies and institutions amongst its clientele.


The Major Swift rollermower was the unrivalled choice for Krinkels to deliver the University’s high technical requirements for its sports fields. The company purchased the Swift 2.4m rigid deck and 4.0m winged models to meet the University’s fine turf specifications.


Some 35-hectares must be maintained at the highest A standard, according to the exact specifications outlined in the RAW system. This system is the most important standard in the civil engineering sector: more than 70% of all public tenders carry the RAW quality mark. Government bodies, local authorities, water and purification boards, contractors, utilities, engineering bureaus, and educational institutions are just some organizations who use the standard.


“The finish is very important, we must cut the grass to a specific height,” begins Geert de Haan, manager of Krinkels Hengelo office and project manager for the University. “This can vary from once a week to three times a week, depending on grass growth. One of our challenges in grounds maintenance is when there are peaks in the growing season, we have to bring out more mowers.”


“We mainly use the Major Swifts on the sports fields because they need to be kept to the A level, the highest mowing standard,” continues Geert. The 60mm blade overlap combined with high blade tip speeds allow the Swift rollermowers to consistently deliver a professional, striped finish. High performance custom-designed gear boxes give the blades the strength and stamina to cut in wet and dry conditions at fast-forward speeds. Full-length rollers follow ground contours and limits scalping.


The 10-130mm cutting height range gives the mower extra versatility for tougher conditions and year-round mowing. “Our budgets are under pressure so we work with wide area mowers that can go through the mowing schedule more quickly. The Swift mowers are also used as extra support on the lawns when required.”


The Krinkels team also appreciate how operator friendly the machines are. “MAJOR mowers are very easy to use. The mowers have a simple height adjustment so we can switch quickly when working in different grass heights,” added Geert.


Efficiency and productivity are equally important as performance and finish for Geert and his team. “The Swift mowers are working very well. I was sceptical at first but the overall finish is excellent. Mowing has become easier. The wider machine has increased our capacity so our work rate is much higher now.”


The gearbox driveline on the blade system eliminates much of the problems associated with belt-driven mowers and machine maintenance. “Maintenance is very minimal, just a few grease points and keeping the machine clean. There is little else to do. When I look at the overall maintenance costs, the Swift rollermowers are very low, especially when you compare them against conventional mowers and especially cylinder mowers used on sports fields.”


The machines have also proven themselves elsewhere. As Geert explains, “A sister company was using a cylinder mower at a similar, high-profile site. We got into a conversation about the quality of cut the MAJOR mowers deliver so decided to put the Swifts to work over there. The client was sceptical at first because they hadn’t seen a MAJOR mower before. But after seeing the impressive finish of the Swifts, he purchased one for his local football club based on our recommendation.”


The Krinkels team is also positive about the service and support from local dealer, Zonna. “The service from Zonna and MAJOR have been excellent. They have provided us with perfect service since we took delivery of the machines.”


“I would definitely recommend the Major mowers for municipalities and authorities who need to maintain green spaces, and certainly sports fields and sports facilities,” concludes Geert.

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