Mighty solutions to demolition duties

MAJOR dust suppressors are reliable, versatile, and compliant solutions for London-based Quattro UK in Waste Management, Recycling, Utilities, Building, Construction and Civil Engineering industries.


London-based Quattro UK Ltd is a multi-disciplined supplier of services to the construction, utilities, building and re-cycling industries with a long list of satisfied clients and customers ranging from residential projects to multi-million pound corporate and municipal contracts across the UK.

Since its founding in 1992, the company has set high standards of work, using only quality machinery for its own contracts and for customer hire. In an industry that has a direct impact on the environment, Quattro UK is fully committed to comply fully with legislation and implement best practice when it comes to environmental management.

As Plant Manager Michael McDermott explains: “Compliance with regulations is paramount in everything we do. We are totally responsible for the safety of our customers and employees and that relates to the machinery we hire out as well. Dust suppression is probably one of the biggest environmental challenges facing our industry, and we are well set-up to deal with those issues in the most effective way. In fact, I think we are ahead of most other companies when it comes to complete dust suppression and control.”

1600-gallon tanker on Hydrema Dump Truck Quattro UK
One of the first dust suppressors made for Quattro UK gets repainted for its 15th birthday!
“We are very much a one-stop shop for our customers,” adds Michael. “Construction, waste management and land remediation is what we are all about. Over the past eight years, we have used specially designed, self-propelled water tankers, manufactured by Major Equipment to completely suppress dust. These machines are so reliable that we just purchased two more trailed versions of these tankers from them. And we are looking at ordering more as we expand our customer base.”

Quattro UK have several crushing, recycling and processing facilities to handle demolition materials that come from major dismantling projects. The handling process creates significant levels of dust, which can cause health issues for operators and neighbouring residents if not controlled properly. “The crushing plants produce crushed stone, cement and mortar, often in heaps of three to four thousand tonnes. This is all recycled back into construction projects so it does not become a pollution threat to the environment,” continues Michael. “However, while in their heaps, the wind could blow and take dust miles into the atmosphere. So we use MAJOR tankers with a special rain-gun to dampen down the heaps of stone, which stops the spreading of brick dust and helps us to avoid health and environmental issues.”

The specially designed 2400-gallon LGP Dust Suppression units are fitted with water spinners that applies sufficient water to control dust while avoiding flooding and surface run-off. One of the tankers has a high volume rain gain water cannon which can dampen down heaps of material over 200ft high.

All MAJOR tankers are constructed using 6mm thick steel for ultimate strength and durability. Another distinction in the design and construction of MAJOR tankers: the drawbar and chassis are independent from the barrel. This prevents cracking and extends the life of the tank. Commercial-grade axles ensure the tankers can travel on road speeds up to 100km/hr. The dust suppressors also come with full pneumatic brakes and road lighting kits for highway and off-road applications.

“MAJOR tankers are absolutely totally reliable,” comments Michael. “In all the years we have had them, we’ve had no significant issues. That’s important because we hire them out a lot throughout the year. They are very simple to operate so suit many of our customers. Each tanker provides us with a multi-functional facility for lots of different jobs. Not only with the rain gun and spinner suppressor, but they also have an integral wash-down facility which we can use on site for our construction equipment. It can be used for clearing muddy roads as well before the sweeper goes in.”

“The tankers also helped us in a very urgent situation with one of our three concrete production facilities,” Michael explained. “We produce around eight hundred cubic metres (800cu.m) every day of ready mix concrete for our own construction contracts and for regular customers. We recently had a water supply failure to one of the plants which would have caused significant customer disruption. But the MAJOR tankers came to the rescue. They were able to ferry-in full tanks of water for three days until the water main was repaired – and we didn’t lose any production time.”

2400LGP Dust Suppressor Quattro UK
Quattro UK team with their new 2400LGP dust supressors
“We are so pleased with their reliability that we’ve asking MAJOR to manufacture more self-propelled tankers to our own specification. They are great engineers and always willing to manufacture something special, built for purpose and built to last. I just can’t fault them,” he concluded.

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