Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2023

New round of the FETF 2023 to open this month. Farmers, foresters and growers in England, including contractors to these sectors, can apply for a grant between £1,000 and £25,000. 

The fund covers the purchase of equipment to improve farm productivity, the environment, animal health and welfare, and the management of slurry. This is a competitive grant and success depends on the number and value of applications received.

How to apply on Rural Payments Agency website
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MAJOR Slurry Applicators Eligible for Grant Aid

Major Equipment’s low emissions slurry spreaders are designed to apply slurry to the soil surface as accurately as possible while minimising nutrient loss and ammonia pollution. Our Dribble Bar, Trailing Shoe and Disc Injection systems are simple, compliant and cost-effective solutions.


  • Made of high-strength steel
  • Fully galvanised body
  • Vogelsang or Mastek macerator
  • Foreign body separate and self-sharpening, self-adjusting blades
  • Double self-aligning pivot hinges for low sheds, bridges
  • Wings have breakback protection
  • Full lighting board fitted as standard
  • Can be retrofitted (where available)


Check out the FETF slurry applicator item and grant amount.

Item Name Dribble bar, minimum working width 6m Dribble bar, minimum working width 10m Shallow injection, minimum working width 3m Trailing shoe, minimum working width 6m
Grant Amount (£) 4,200 5,400 8,250 7,375
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Not sure which application system suits? Read our guide on the different systems
Guide to choosing slurry applicators

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