Dynamic Duo

Groundsman Keith Clipsham looks after two unique, former RAF stations. RAF Waterbeach and RAF Alconbury have since made way for new housing developments and Keith is the man responsible for maintaining the wide green spaces. He reveals his happiness with the newest additions to his fleet: the ISEKI TG6687 and 2.0m Major Cyclone mower.


“We cut approximately 350 acres at Alconbury and 400 acres at Waterbeach, so we need machinery that is 100% reliable,” begins Keith Clipsham, head groundsman of Urban & Civic. “My first ever ISEKI tractor was a 47hp, and that has carried out approximately 3,500 hours and it’s still going strong. Based on the success of that, we bought a larger 80hp model and again it is brilliant.”


“Most recently we wanted one in between the two models we already have and our dealer, Fentons of Bourne, recommended the ISEKI TG6687 with the 2.0m Major Cyclone.”


The ISEKI TG6687 is fitted with a Stage V 67hp engine and is compact in size with all the accessories and options of the higher specification tractors. With a superior lift capacity of up to 1,600kg, the ISEKI TG6687 allows you to run all your implements without the need to increase the size or horsepower of your tractor.


The MJ31-200 Major Cyclone comes with three rotors and twelve mulching blades in a 2.0m working width. It delivers the same cutting performance of a flail with less fuel consumption and power required. The 2.0m Cyclone takes as little as 50hp to run.


“Justin [Thompson at Fentons of Bourne] has been very good, in fact he’s been excellent on tying these two pieces of kit together, because I wouldn’t have matched the Major Cyclone mower with this tractor like he has and he has come up trumps, completely!”


“It is excellent for what we want it to do,” continued Keith. “We do an awful lot of cutting on these airfields, and because most airfields are very, very bad soil we have horrendous cracking.”


“Don’t be put off by its size because it actually cuts an awful lot of grass, and it cuts it quickly,” exclaimed Keith.


“This week, in the last four days I’ve done about 180 acres with it, and its fuel consumption is between 50-60 litres per day which we are very happy with.”


Original story here: https://www.iseki.co.uk/iseki-fleet-is-the-top-gun/

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