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Major Cyclone Coming to Sunbelt Ag Expo

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October 8, 2021
Choosing the Right Machinery for the Long-term

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October 4, 2021
Combat insect and crop disease post harvest

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September 27, 2021
The Grass & Slurry Machinery Specialists | Agricultural - Professional Groundscare - Industrial

Customised approach is MAJOR distinction

Jim Bob Jones is owner operator of JT Jones Agricultural Contractors in Little Worthen, Shropshire. Booming business meant Jim needed to change out his old slurry tanker and invest in something bigger. However, only Major Equipment listened to him and offered a customised solution specific to his requirements.

Customised 3100LGP Major Tanker | Jim Jones, Shropshire


Can you tell us a bit more about your set up, Jim?

I started in 2004 right after college when I bought my first tractor. I offer everything from slurry spreading, precision fertiliser spreading to grass harvesting and baling, hedge cutting to name a few.


Most of my customers are dairy and beef units. Several of them run very big herds, producing high volumes of slurry. So I’m focussed totally on providing the very best, personal service. That means, I need top quality machinery and a reliable back-up service from my local dealer.


How much would you be spreading a year?

I’m spreading upwards 7,000 acres of fertiliser through the year, and slurry spreading will consume almost one thousand hours of application time per season. My customers are 25 miles around home so a lot rides on having the right equipment.


The demand for slurry work was increasing. One of my customers might require our slurry spreading services as much as four days a week in the winter. My previous 2,000-gallon HiSpec wasn’t enough. So in looking for new tanker, it was important to increase our handling capability and to ensure sufficient flexibility to continue servicing our existing customers, while having additional output potential for future customers.


What kind of specs were you looking for?

I was looking to increase tanker capacity to 3,000 gallons. But, I also wanted to keep the single-axle. I’m working in a lot of banks and undulating terrain so there’s more stability with the single-axle.


I have a Class Axion 630 tractor fitted with 42-inch tyres for slurry work, so it was important that the drawbar positioning was designed to give a perfect transport angle. In making this investment I wanted to ensure we had the exact specification for my system. It shouldn’t be a compromise.


Our local dealer Morris Corfield introduced three different brands of slurry tanker. Major was the only company who were prepared to accommodate all our requirements for three thousand gallons on a single-axle. They also added our specification of a right-hand opening access lid. And the tanker can take a trailing shoe system alongside the splash plate applicator.


You took delivery of the 3100LGP last August, right?

Oh yeah, the 3100LGP came in black finish. It works perfectly for every customer application we have. For transporting at 50K, the ride is unbelievable. We ordered air brakes for maximum safety, it comes with a full set of LED lighting and flashing beacons and all-round, we are totally happy with our purchase.


The back-up we get from Morris Corfield has been excellent, their after-sales service and parts supply – you just can’t fault.


We’re delighted that everything is working well now.

I can’t thank Major enough for being flexible in the design and manufacture of a machine specification that meets my needs without any compromise whatsoever. Both Major and Morris Corfield have stood behind us, given us all the support needed for installation and getting the best from the tanker.


It’s going to give me and my business long-term serviceability, which means my investment has long-term benefits for us and our customers, plus the level of safety both in the field and on the road, gives me the added satisfaction that we certainly have made the right choice.


Are you looking for a way to upscale your business? Talk to one of our product specialists who can advise on a customised tanker solution.