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Three tools to ease the rough life

An array of maintenance equipment and specialised tools is needed to meet expectations for course conditions and playability from today’s golfers. The rough – including intermediate, primary, secondary and transitional areas – is no exception. These areas comprise the largest span of turf to maintain....

February 13, 2020
Top 3 Considerations When Buying a Slurry Applicator

Dribble bar, band spreader, trailing hose, trailing shoe, disc injector or shallow injection? Whatever name you read or see, they all refer to low emission spreading systems under evolving environmental regulations. The variety of systems available, and the number of options and features, can be...

January 14, 2020
MAJOR Presents New Retro-fit Slurry Spreaders at LAMMA 2020

Major Equipment’s new low emission Dribble Bar and Trailing Shoe applicators offer a solution to the growing challenges of tighter regulations while maximising the benefit of slurry. The MAJOR applicators are designed to apply slurry to the soil surface as accurately as possible while minimising...

December 24, 2019
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City of Oshawa in Ontario adds MAJOR Swift Rollermower to fleet

“Canada’s Motor City” recently took a new MAJOR Swift rollermower (MJ71-400) in 4.0m working width to maintain its various parks, sports fields and green spaces. And just in time as the nation celebrates Canada Day on July 1.


Located on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, the City of Oshawa boasts almost 410 hectares of parkland and over 130 parks and recreational facilities. The Parks and Facilities Crew have a fleet of wide-area mowers (WAMs), reel mowers and other towed machinery to maintain the green areas around the city, but found the belt-driven machines lacking.

“This season was incredibly wet and the WAMs couldn’t cope – the small wheels just get buried in wet conditions and have to be pulled out by rescue truck,” begins Derek Scholten of Colvoy Equipment. “A lot of time was wasted not to mention the extra equipment needed. So when the city managers came to us to replace old machinery, we knew right away the MAJOR Swift rollermower was the solution.”

The MAJOR Swift rollermower has gearboxes to drive the rotor-blade system allowing it to handle wet and dry conditions easily. The height can be easily adjusted from 10-130mm for year-round mowing. The 60mm blade overlap with high blade tip speeds consistently delivers a professional, striped finish with no windrows.

“The stripes on the grass are just beautiful – the previous machines didn’t have rollers. Also, it used to take 5-6 hours to cut longer grass – it only takes 15 minutes with the Swifts!” Derek continues.

Another advantage is the easy cleaning and maintenance. “The WAMs have multiple chambers and you have to angle the water hose correctly or the water blasts into your face. The Swift has a wash down hose attachment making it much easier to clean.”

Crews also benefit from greater safety and comfort with tractor-mounted machinery. Operators have much greater visibility and much less noise in a tractor cab. The three-point linkage system allows for easier towing and safer road transport. The wings lock into a neat 1.9m width for easy access through tight spaces and the LED road lighting kit ensures safe and high visibility movement between sites.

“July 1 is Canada Day and I’m honoured and proud to know our mowers are helping the City of Oshawa put on a fantastic celebration for the residents and families on their national day,” concludes Eoin Murphy from Major Equipment.