TDR Winged Roller Mowers

TDR Winged Roller Mowers

TDR Winged Roller Mowers

The MAJOR TDR range leads the market in wide area mowers.  There are two cutting widths available:  4.9m and 6.1m. 
The patented three point pivot system allows the machine to glide over the ground contours eliminating scalping of the grass.   The blades are synchronised to rotate in opposite directions and overlap each other by 75mm to ensure a perfect finish every time.  
In short grass this mower leaves a professional striped finish equivalent to that of a cylinder mower.  The gear driven drive line allows this machine to easily cope with heavier conditions.  The machines wings can be folded up to a 90° angle giving a transport width of 2.5m. 
- LED road lighting kit
- Remote control option
- Internal roller bearings give total protection against moisture and soil
- Walterscheid wide angle PTO drive shaft supplied as standard
- Wings can be operated independently
- The rear deck can be removed and used independently of the wings
- Braked axle available as an optional extra


TDR Winged Roller Mowers - Caratteristiche

Wide Angle PTO Shaft

Wide angle PTO shaft with slip clutch and overrun

3 Point Deck System

Three point pivot floating deck system

Gearbox Shock Loading

Inter gearbox shock loading protection

Detachable Rear Deck

Detachable rear deck which can be used independently of the main body to mow areas inaccessible by a larger mower.

Adjustable Drawbar Hitch

Adjustable drawbar hitch

Scraper Bars

Scraper bars or optional wire roller cleaner

Blade Options

Option of swinging, rigid blades or mulching blades

Two Pack Paint Finish

Durable two pack paint finish

LED Lighting

Highway LED EU specification lighting

Optional Remote Control System

Hydraulic control by radio wireless remote control

TDR Winged Roller Mowers - Scheda tecnica

Modello TDR16000 TDR20000
Working Width 4.9m (16') 6.1m (20')
Power (HP) 65-100 HP 75-120 HP
PTO rpm 540 540
Cutting Height 10-150mm 10-150mm
Rotors 8 10
Blades 32 40
Weight 2260kg 2675kg
Blade tip speed 4569 m/min 4569 m/min
Mowing Rates (Acres/hr at 7mph) 13.22 16.58
Transport Width 2.4m 2.4m

TDR Winged Roller Mowers - Galleria fotografica

TDR Winged Roller Mowers - Video

TDR Winged Roller Mowers - Testimonianze

Michael Irlam, Stobart Polo Club

I was sceptical at first what job the rotary blades would do at first compared to reels, but having seen the results elsewhere it was the machine for us.  I particularly like the rollers at both front and rear which give a good levelling effect, but also produce nice stripes.


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Ron Keay, Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Our Major TDR Mower is fantastic.  We used to use a sixteen foot mower, but this new Major is twenty foot and allows us get across the ground quicker. It’s easy to attach, simple to adjust the height of cut - depending on what type of grass we are cutting. It’s very heavy duty, built strong for the job, simple to maintain and follows the contours of the ground perfectly, so we don’t get any scalping. We cut around three thousand acres per year and the Major is well capable of handling that task.  I’ve always loved my job and been very proud of my work, but this new Major mower leaves it with such a perfect, striped finish that I’m absolutely delighted with the result. It’s the same striping effect you would get with a cylinder mower, but far less costly. 



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Joe Foley, South Dublin County Council
"With the Major TDR20000, we're getting through a weekly mowing schedule that includes about 36 pitches and lots of ancillary areas in Tymon Park Tallaght , in just 4 days.   We had a 16ft model in the past and we'd struggle to get round it in five days. It's an extra day, which frees us up to do additional maintenance in surrounding housing estates."  
It's very easy driven; I notice when I'm refueling I have a nice bit left in the tank each evening.  It's because I'm driving less laps to cover the ground.  It leaves a great finish and it's easy to operate.  I was afraid initially that the tractor might not be powerful enough but she has no trouble with it at 95HP"
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