Three Point Linkage Roller Mowers (3.2m - 4.6m)

Three Point Linkage Roller Mowers (3.2m - 4.6m)

Three Point Linkage Roller Mowers (3.2m - 4.6m)

The 11000GR3PL and 15000GR3PL MAJOR Roller Mowers are gear driven machines with working widths of 3.2m and 4.6m. The wings fold to a neat 2.3m transport width making them ideal for use by local authorities and professional contractors. 

The 11000 model can be front mounted with a CAD designed linkage frame and used in conjunction with the MAJOR TDR range to give a superior cut.

The slip clutch and overrun protection on the input PTO shaft coupled with the rubber buffer protection between each of the rotor gearboxes minimise damage to vital components in the event of an impact.

The twin blade system is enclosed within an aerofoil chamber and cut material is recycled and distributed evenly in the wake of the machine. The finish is a professional stripe which is favoured by grounds maintenance keepers.

The blades are synchronised to rotate in opposite directions and overlap each other by 75mm to ensure a perfect finish every time.  A simple spanner adjustment sets and locks the cutting height of the machine by raising or lowering the rollers. The cutting height can be adjusted from 12mm to 150mm.

Heavy duty rollers are fitted with internal bearings and seals to prevent water and dust contamination ensuring life long protection. These machines are suitable for use in a wide range of applications including sports grounds, private estates, polo grounds and schools.

Three Point Linkage Roller Mowers (3.2m - 4.6m) - Caratteristiche

Adjustable Cutting Height

Adjustable cutting height from 12mm to 150mm to allow machine to be used in different grass heights

3 Point Linkage

3 point linkage Cat I/II Arms so the machine can be used on all tractor types

Inter Gearbox Shock Loading Protection

Inter gearbox shock loading protection to protect the machine in the event of a collision

Slip Clutch and Overrun

Slip clutch and overrun on PTO shaft which will protect the gearbox in the event of hitting an obsticle when cutting

Internal Double Roller Bearing

Internal double roller bearing housing to support the rollers while cutting and protect the bearings

Scraper Bars

Scraper bars or optional wire roller cleaner to keep the rollers clean and lump free

Two Pack Paint Finish

Durable two pack paint finish for a long life machine

Three Point Linkage Roller Mowers (3.2m - 4.6m) - Scheda tecnica

Modello 11000GR3PL 15000GR3PL
Working Width 3.2m (11') 4.6m (15')
Transport Width 2.3m (7'6") 2.3m (7'6")
Power (HP) 35 - 130 45 - 150
PTO rpm 540/1000 540/1000
Cutting Height 12-150mm (1/2"-6") 12-150mm (1/2"-6")
Rotors 5 7
Blades 20 28
Weight 1074kg 1340kg
Blade tip speed 75 m/s 75 m/s
Mowing Rates (Acres/hr at 7mph) 8.94 12.5

Three Point Linkage Roller Mowers (3.2m - 4.6m) - Galleria fotografica

Three Point Linkage Roller Mowers (3.2m - 4.6m) - Video

Three Point Linkage Roller Mowers (3.2m - 4.6m) - Testimonianze

M.F Penfold Ltd Caravan Park

“We began looking for a strong quality rollermower early in 2011.  The belt driven machines that we looked at  appeared lightweight and I worried about life expectancy.  I saw the MAJOR roller mowers on their website and enquired about them.  The initial enquiry was followed up with a demonstration of an 11ft roller mower (11000GR) on our site.  It was a great demo – we could see exactly how is could cut on our ground.  It left a quality finish and no grass was left behind which is a definite plus for caravan parks!  This mower is not as heavy on diesel as the flail mowers we were considering.  We really liked what I saw during the demo and purchased the demonstration machine the same day.”   Paul Penfold, M.F Penfold Ltd Caravan Park, South Buckinghamshire, UK


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