Synergy Mower Deck

Synergy Mower Deck

Synergy Mower Deck

The new MAJOR SYNERGY rotary mower perfectly partners the popular Kubota F Series, John Deere 1400/1500 Series II and Shibaura front mowers, offering groundcare staff extra versatility without compromising on finish quality.  It delivers a professional striped finish even on coarser grass and terrain unsuitable for belt driven mowers.

The MAJOR SYNERGY rotary mower offers expert reliability, durability and lower running costs to provide a compelling cost-effective option. It features fewer wearing parts – approximately half those of a typical flail mower.  The body is produced from Optim™ high-strength steel which is 220% stronger, yet much lighter than steel traditionally used in machinery manufacturing.  As a result the overall weight of the machine is reduced without compromising on build quality. 

The MAJOR SYNERGY rotary mower is ideal for sports pitches and parklands and will appeal to local authorities, landscape gardeners and other groundscare professionals that demand a versatile mower deck capable of delivering a professional finish across a variety of grass lengths and types.

Now available in Australia, exclusively though FieldQuip Pty Ltd!

Synergy Mower Deck - Scheda tecnica

Modello MJ61-175 MJ61-200
Overall Width 1.75m (5'9") 2m (6'6")
Working Width 1.62m (5'3") 1.88m (6'3")
Power (HP) 20 20
PTO rpm 2100 rpm 2100 rpm
Cutting Height 0-118mm 0-118mm
Rotors 3 3
No. of Blades 6 6
Weight 277kg 290kg
Blade tip speed 4965 m/min 4965 m/min

Synergy Mower Deck - Galleria fotografica

Synergy Mower Deck - Video

Synergy Mower Deck - Testimonianze

Willie Byrne, Groundsman at Greystones Rugby Club, Ireland.

We got our MAJOR Synergy Mower in June 2013 and we are delighted with it.  It s ideal for rugby pitches as it can cope with the clay and muck that we find damages cylinder mowers.  The quality of the cut is excellent.  The pitch is rolled at the same time, flattening divots and giving a beautiful striped effect.  It is strong enough to deal with whatever is thrown at it.


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Andy Melville, Commercial Director, GGM Groundscare

Local government is an important customer for us and their needs are changing: Budgets are overstretched, there’s a reduction in the frequency of routine cutting cycles and they’re looking for new ways to manage workloads.

Not only does the MAJOR SYNERGY produce an excellent finish with a nice striped effect but the robust design allows it to be used instead of a flail mower for the less frequently cut areas. With this choice the customer is in effect getting two machines for the price of one!


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Ian Whibberley, Manager North UK, Flora-tec

We need the most reliable and professional equipment available in order to consistently deliver a top class service to our clients.  Having seen a MAJOR Synergy Mower on demonstration at our local dealer GGM Groundscare at Colne,  I knew immediately it was the mower for us.  It gave a lovely finish cut at pretty fast forward speeds.  MAJOR products are well known in our industry for their build and high resale values.The mower performs brilliantly and has exceeded our expectations.  


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