Water Bowsers and Tankers

Water Bowsers and Tankers

Water Bowsers and Tankers

With water supplies becoming increasingly precious and more expensive, MAJOR has developed a range a range of water tankers for the safe transportation of water.

These tankers can be fitted with a range of optional extras; for example with a petrol pump or a hose kit for watering hanging baskets.  We can customise any tanker to suit your requirements. 

Water Bowsers and Tankers - Caratteristiche

Twin Pack Paint Finish

Twin pack paint finish in your company colours or galvanised finish

6mm Steel Drum

6mm steel drum and spun ends for increased strength

Chassis Rails

Chassis tails run the length of the tanker - to strengthen and support the tank

Drawbar Suspension

Suspension on the drawbar as standard to reduce the stress on the tanker and allow safer towing

HD Drawbar

Unique heavy duty drawbar design complete with parking stand - to make it easier to hitch the tanker to the tractor

PTO Stand

PTO stand - to support the PTO when not in use and prevent damage to the PTO cover

Battioni Pumps

Battioni pumps used on all tankers - these are a worldwide recognised quality pump with parts readily available

Shearbolt Protected PTO Shaft

Shearbolt protected PTO shaft to protect the pump in the event of blockages

Four Fill Points

Four fill point locations (three blanked) as standard to allow you choose the most suitable fill point for you

Range Of Extras

Range of optional extras to customise the tanker to your requirements. 

Water Bowsers and Tankers - Scheda tecnica

Modello 1150 Std 1400 Std 1500 Std 1700 Std
Capacity (Gallon) 1150 Gallons 1495 Gallons 1495 Gallons 1685 Gallons
Capacity (Litres) 5228Litres 6796 Litres 6796 Litres 7660 Litres
OA Length (Hitch to coupling ball) 5.1m 5.9m 5.9m 6.4m
OA Width (Tyre dependant) 2.3m - 2.57m 2.5m 2.5m 2.6m
OA Height (Add tractor hitch) 2.5m - 2.9m 2.9m 2.9m 2.9m
Weight (Empty) 2120Kg 2400Kg 2400Kg 2550Kg
Weight (Full) 7348Kg 9196Kg 9196Kg 10210Kg
Wheel Arch No No No No
Tyre Options
15 x 22.5 Yes N/A N/A N/A
16.5 x 22.5 Yes N/A N/A N/A
550/45/22.5 Yes Yes N/A N/A
550/60/22.5 Yes N/A Yes Yes
21.3 R24 Yes Yes Yes Yes

Water Bowsers and Tankers - Galleria fotografica

Water Bowsers and Tankers - Video

Water Bowsers and Tankers - Testimonianze

Enterprise PLC

We ordered three custom designed water tankers from MAJOR, to cover all our water needs in the three Royal Parks in London.  We reuse water from the lakes in the parks to water shrubs, flower beds and hanging baskets throughout the parks.  As a result the reduction in water charges has been very significant. The design service from MAJOR was fantastic - they suggested things we had not thought of.  I would have no hesitiation in recommending this company.

Andy Grovers, Enterprise PLC.


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