Dust Suppression and Site Cleaning Tankers

Dust Suppression and Site Cleaning Tankers

Dust Suppression and Site Cleaning Tankers

These products have developed for contractors doing road construction work, waste management companies and quarries.  They are a cost effective solution to maintain dust control in these sites.  All these tankers are custom designed for each individual application.  The design process is made up of three key phases, the first of which begins with the initial sketch of the idea and teasing out the basic design.
Phase Two involves transferring initial sketches into our CAD software for further processing and theory verification.  Re-engineering concepts ensures that the end user is always kept in mind. 

A full set of drawings is produced at this stage for approval by the client.  Amendments are possible at this stage to make certain that the tanker is produced to the client’s specifications.  Phase Three includes the manufacturing and testing of the machine. Our continuous improvement philosophy, quality checks and testing throughout the manufacturing process guarantees a quality product every time. 

A professional and prompt after sales service is our pledge to our customers.  Click on the attached literature for details of recent commissions that we have completed for clients including Viridor Waste Management and the Pinden Group.  

Some of the features on these commissions that might be suitable for your site include:

Water Spinner Dust Suppressor:  This unit uses minimal quantities of water and has significantly reduced the Pinden Groups water costs. It has eliminated flooding caused by traditional splash plate systems.

Rain Gun Water Cannon:  The Pinden Group have four quarry sites all at various levels. The rain gun water cannon is capable of accessing and damping down earth storage clamps up to 220ft high.

Suspension:  This allows the tanker to access steep gradients safely while fully loaded. 

Wash down facility:  This is used for washing machinery and weigh bridges. 

Dust Suppression and Site Cleaning Tankers - Caratteristiche

Twin Pack Paint Finish

Twin pack paint finish in corporate colours if required

Galvanised Finish Available

Galvanised finish options also available

6mm Drum

6mm drum for increased strength

Full Length Chassis

Full length heavy duty chassis independent of the tanker - to ensure even transfer of the load

Wear Plates

Wear plates under the tanker absorb the shocks and prevent cracking

Internal Supports

Internal supports on the wheel arches – strengthen the tanker where arches have been cut out.  This prevents cracking. 

Stepped Down 30'' Back Door

Stepped down 30” back door for easier emptying of the tanker

Fully Baffled

The tanker is fully baffled to prevent wave motions - for smoother and safer towing. 

Rubber Buffers

Rubber buffer system on the drawbar - to prevent cracking and extend the life of the tanker

LED Lights

LED lights as standard - for safer road work

Swivel Hitch

Swivel hitch - to give less wear on the hitch and hitch eye. 

Battioni Pump

Battioni pumps used on all tankers - these are a worldwide recognised quality pump with parts readily available

Shearbolt PTO Shaft

Shearbolt PTO shaft – protects the pump in the event of blockages

Commercial Axle

High speed commercial axle rated up to 100km/hr for safer road use with the ability to brake safely and securely even at high speeds

Extensive Choice of Tyre Options

Extensive choice of tyre options.  

Water Spinner

Unique water spinner option available.  It atomises and disperses water effectively with very little water requirements, to dampen down dusty sites. 

Blaster Bar

The MAJOR Blaster Bar uses high pressure nozzles to effectively remove grime and other debris from roadways.


The MAJOR Raingun option can be fitted to allow water to be sprayed to dusty areas inaccessable by other vehicles. 

Rear Sweeper Brush

The MAJOR Road Sweeper Brush is another option that can be fitted to your customised MAJOR dust suppression tanker.  The sweeper brush which is fitted at the rear of the tank swivels from left to right and clear debris into the gutter. 

Dust Suppression and Site Cleaning Tankers - Scheda tecnica

Modello 2050LGP 2200IND 2250LGP 2400LGP 2600LGP 3100LGP
Capacity (Gallon) 2050 Gallons 2200 Gallons 2250 Gallons 2400 Gallons 2600 Gallons 3100 Gallons
Capacity (Litres) 9319 Litres 10000 Litres 10228 Litres 10910 Litres 11819 Litres 14093 Litres
OA Length (Hitch to coupling ball) 6.9m 6.9m 6.5m 6.9m 7.0m 8.3m
OA Width (Tyre dependant) 2.6m 2.4m 2.6m 2.6m 2.6m 2.65m
OA Height (Add tractor hitch) 3.3m 3.2m 3.4m 3.4m 3.4m 3.35m
Wheel Arch Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight (Empty) 3882 Kg 4050 Kg 3920 Kg 4250 Kg 4350 Kg 4950 Kg
Weight (Full) 13201 Kg 14086 Kg 13630 Kg 15160 Kg 16169 Kg 19041 Kg
Tyre Options
28.1 R26 Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A N/A
29.5/75 R25 Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
30.5 R32 Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes N/A
800/60/R34 Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes
560/60/22.5 N/A Yes N/A N/A N/A N/A

Dust Suppression and Site Cleaning Tankers - Galleria fotografica

Dust Suppression and Site Cleaning Tankers - Video

Dust Suppression and Site Cleaning Tankers - Testimonianze

The Pinden Group

The commitment to provide a clean and safe working environment for our staff and local residents is paramount.  The Major Dust Suppression tanker has ticked all the boxes.  Its has proved invaluable as a weapon in our constant battle to maintain dust control.  The machine was fully installed on site with operator instruction to comply with our HSE obligations. If  dust is your problem, we would highly recommend a Major Dust Suppression Tanker for the task.  Terry Bishop, Managing Director, The Pinden Group


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